The goal of bringing enterprise class IT expertise to small and medium sized organizations. 
We offer a full complement of services and products designed to fit your needs and budget. 
We will assist you in any and all phases of network support and integration including design,
product procurement, installation and ongoing support. Net-ions strives to maintain long-term 
relationships with our customers by focusing on the quality of the services and products 
we provide.
           Network Assessment
           Project Assessment 
           Cabling & Wiring 
           Telecommunications Installation 
           Network System Installation 
           Telecommunications Administration 
           Carrier Management Cabling and Services 
           IP Managed Services 
           Web Hosting/ASPHosting 
           Web Design 
           Dedicated Server 
           Virtual Server 
           Application Server 
           Exchange Server 
           POP3/IMAP Email 
           Virtual Office 
           DNS Services 
           SPAM Filtering 
           E-mail Archiving 
Specializing in
           Windows 2008, Linux, cPanel, MS SQL server, MYSQL, 
	   Microsoft.NET, PHP, Javascript, FrontPage Extensions, 
	   Call center solution, Firewalls, Physical and Logical 
	   Network Implementation.  


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