Net-ions has qualified partner(s) to work with you on trading room requirements, design, budget and project planning. Just as having a solid blueprint is critical when building a new house, the design, and budget and project plan documents will be the key, critical tools in successfully managing the various pieces involved in setting up this new requirement.

With the planned build out of the new trading room, your client requires the assistance of a qualified firm to act as the overall project manager who can coordinate with Net-ions and the various vendors and suppliers involved in the project. A dedicated team will ensure that existing (day-to-day) staff functions are not “diluted” by the project or vice-versa.

Our combined services include, but not are limited to:

• Floor Plan Configuration
• Organization and Configuration(s) of the Trading Desk(s)
• Ergonomic Considerations
• Telephone/Video Conferencing Equipment
• PC Workstations and Servers
• Cable Television Displays/Video Screens
• Potential Types of Applications to be Deployed (e.g., order management, trading, risk management, market data, portfolio management, trading/portfolio management/research/admin productivity tools, etc.)
• Electrical Power Requirements
• Computer Room Set Up/Build Out
• HVAC Requirements
• Equipment Prototypes (e.g., telephone hand/headsets, PC monitors, wireless technologies, etc.)
• Network/Internet Connectivity/Firewalls
• Remote Access Capabilities (e.g., VPN, Citrix, Internet-enabled, etc.)
• Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Considerations
• Allowance for Expansion and Growth (Day 1 versus Day 2 requirements)
• Any Other Logistical Considerations for the New Facility

A pre-requisite for any new environment needs a upfront project assessment. From there, we would evaluate the project; produce a summary recap of the findings from the scheduled meeting(s) and the next steps is to suggest a approach or approaches. Net-ions would take the lead and drive the entire process.

WHY Net-ions:

We believe that Net-ions and Its Partners have the uncommon skills and expertise you are seeking.

As a result, we have:

  • Prior experience of working in the design, development, testing and assessment of trading floor technologies.

  • A focused and highly experienced team with significant depth of technology expertise in the management, design and implementation of mission critical market data, order processing and trading applications and systems.

  • An experienced team with the hands-on experience to quickly identify understands and adjusts to the nuances critical to the successful implementation of trading floors and their associated components.

  • Strong technology and project management/implementation skills.

  • Extensive experience conducting similar projects for broker dealers, investment banks, asset management firms, hedge funds, private equity firms, exchanges, clearing houses and electronic markets.

  • A proven track record of managing projects and delivering meaningful results on time and within budget

  • A team of highly adaptive and passionate professionals with a totally objective viewpoint


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