Network Assessment

The Net-ions’s Prerequisite for Supporting a New Client with a Maintenance Agreement:

Net-ions's Network Assessments are usually done for new clients requiring a maintenance relationship. This assessment provides both groups with an independent, documented report that will show:
  • Equipment age and warranty status
  • Asset management overview
  • Any existing network issues sorted by severity
  • A complete document with all issues categorized — critical, reliability, or performance
  • A “road map” for both groups to use to plan and support the network

Business Advantages

This initial assessment will provide all the necessary insights to provide ongoing support and to maximize the client’s technology investment. The assessment can prevent:

  • Repeat service calls for the same equipment and issue
  • The possibility of not having parts (with current warranty) for service calls
  • Having a support team that is not familiar with the client’s environment
  • Lost productivity due to poor or inconsistent IT performance
  • Lost data and downtime
  • Possible security breaches

The client size and number of locations will determine the number of days required for the assessment.

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